Festa della Vita 2020

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It is still necessary this year to register online for the Festival of Life 2020, you will receive via email a badge and material to help you follow the direct broadcast.

Communication:  “Festival of Life 2020”

Saluzzo (Italy), May 8, 2020

Dear everyone, parents and friends of the “extended family” of Comunità Cenacolo in the world,

Upon the many of your requests regarding the Festival of Life 2020, we wish to inform you first of all that we have decided to confirm the dates from Thursday the 16th to Sunday the 19th of July, 2020.

However, given the general uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 coronavirus and not knowing what the situation will be like in July; given the current bans on travel from one country to another and numerous gatherings; given that all major events have been suspended or postponed, for the moment we think it best that the physical presence at the Festival this year will be only for the men, women and members who live internally in our communities, whose participation will be to the extent possible indicated by regulations.

If in this time leading up to the Festival there should be any significant changes and/or news of possible openings, we will notify you as soon as possible.

We know that for many of you it will be a great sacrifice not being able to “physically” come to the Festival, which is always a long-awaited and greatly desired moment… it will be a great sacrifice for us as well, not being able to see and meet with you all… but we won’t allow this to stop us: The Festival of Life will come to you!

We are already working to allow for all of you to “participate” from your homes in our four days of prayer, praise, testimony, catechism, song and dance… so that each one of you can feel loved by God and by us. We will try our best to “offer you” the possibility of making you present here on the hill of Saluzzo with us, in communion of hearts and faith.

Very soon you will find the program of the Festival of Life 2020 online with its chosen theme.

We are certain of your understanding and grateful for your closeness during this time, we ask the Holy Virgin, Mary, Mother of Cenacolo, to bring you all our best and to continue to protect each of you under Her mantle.

Comunità Cenacolo

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Theme of the Festival:

Death, tears, pain… compassion, drawing near, Resurrection!

The theme of the Festival of Life 2020 is the phrase spoken by Jesus “… I tell you, arise!” (Lk 7:14), taken from the Gospel of Luke.

Jesus sees the excruciating pain of a mother, feels compassion for that woman, approaches her dead son, touches the coffin and restores the boy’s life, returning him to his mother alive.

It is the miracle that has happened in the lives of many of us who were welcomed to the Cenacolo: the pain of parents and friends in seeing the “death” that we had in our hearts moved the heart of Christ with compassion and He drew near to us; He held out his hand to us and offered us this path of Resurrection.

But the struggle between death and Life is a daily battle: each of us has a piece of death in our heart that must be revived today.

He will look us in the eyes, hold out his hand, lift us up and He will resurrect us to a new life!

Resurrected children who restore joy to their parents’ hearts!

Resurrected parents who restore joy to their childrens’ hearts!

A resurrected people who praise and glorify the God of Life together!

We are waiting for you, we are waiting for each one of you so that we can experience the joy of being a part of this family… of the resurrected!

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Hadrian’s Wall & Talkin Tarn

Lock down now having being eased, the lads in the Kendal Cenacolo House ventured out. At the request of Fr Chris they called in at Warwick Bridge and he then guided them to a little section of Hadrian’s Wall to the interest of all of them and especially the Italian guys.

Then, for a bit more fresh air and exercise, they went to Talkin Tarn where, after a circular walk around the tarn, and keeping their social distance from others, they enjoyed a picnic before heading back to Cenacolo, praying the rosary as they went.

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Repairs required – update!

Unfortunately (we don’t know quite what happened, but…) our sign at the bottom of the drive got damaged necessitating some repair work…

Fortunately the actual signboard with the carved lettering was alright but one of the posts was broken and so the frame needs replacing…

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the house, the kitchen handover continues…

June 11th:  There is still a bit of “finishing off” to be done at ground level but the sign has now been restored….

June 14th:  Sign now fully restored

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Commitments within the Community

All the various tasks within the household and the garden etc. are shared between us with each person taking responsibility for different ones for a certain period of time.  Some commitments take longer than others to learn and so need to be taken on for a longer time.  A couple of the longer term ones are the kitchen and the liturgy both of which are normally for 6 months.

The person who has been doing the commitment will teach and help the new person who is taking it over. Giancarlo has had the kitchen commitment and is now is handing it over to Damian and so is teaching him about making the meals and will himself take over the Pantry commitment. This entails managing the stores, planning the menus (depending on what providence is available) and ensuring the kitchen is well managed.

Ed is taking over the Liturgy commitment from Paolo. This includes planning the programme, in conjunction with the Responsible, determining the beginning and end times of work, taking into account any extra activities taking place, setting up the chapel  for mass, organising the schedule for adoration, teaching the prayers (especially to new Lads) and setting an example with respect to things like respecting the rules.

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How things are going, and in particular growing, here…

Despite the restrictions of lockdown, we have been enjoying the amazingly good weather we have had recently and everything is growing well.  Here is a look at what’s going on..

Looking much further ahead, our wood stores are nice and full for the winter with wood from the fallen tree which we have now finished cutting up

And a day off from our normal work – enjoying some relaxed time in the sunshine on Ascension Day


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Congratulations – to James and Giancarlo

We celebrated James’s birthday….

… and congratulated Giancarlo on completing a full year at Cenacolo.

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Welcome to our “Virtual Open Day”

“Now we see only reflections in a mirror …”  (1 Corinthians 13:12)


Dear Friends

We lived the time of Lent reflecting and with the right spirit waiting for the resurrection as Mother Elvira taught us.

We celebrated a good, if unconventional, Easter but with love and in friendship among us, also we had a special Holy Mass via live streaming from the House of Mother Elvira in Saluzzo celebrated by Father Marco, Father Stefano and the Sisters.

Despite the corona virus situation, we trust ourselves to the protection of Our Lady and everything is going fine.

We tried to get everything ready for the Open Day because we like to think of all of you – even if you are far from us in distance you are very close in our thoughts and prayers.

* We painted all the main house and also the animal barn, the sheds and the fences.
* We cut all the grass and prepared all the flower beds ready for the celebration.
* The good weather has been helping us with the garden and everything is sprouting.
* We started to build a prayer centre for our open-air Holy Mass for the future.
* The animals are good and we have new chicks and hopefully we are going to introduce piglets in our family.

We would have so enjoyed showing you around! However, we are doing the next best thing we can and have taken lots of photographs so you can see how it looks… 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All the lads have prepared a video to say hello to you and all our loved ones.






Looking forward to seeing you soon and to spend time together in the near future. We wish you Happy Easter, God Bless and the peace of the Lord be with you.

Cenacolo Boys.


(if you would like a printable, though not identical, version of this post click below)
May 2020 Open Day – printable version

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Pray, Pray, Pray

The Cenacolo Prayer Groups dotted all around the country are the very backbone of the Community.

We all know that the guys in the Houses rely on Divine Providence and that is not just food and other material necessities. It is primarily prayer – your prayer, the prayer of their parents and family. Without prayer, the struggle is lost. This spiritual providence is the life-blood of the Community. The guys in ‘our’ House at present are a small number but they have not stopped praying and nor must we.

Even though Prayer Groups cannot meet together at this difficult time, it is still important to offer the Cenacolo prayers as individual members of the group. Indeed, it is more important than ever at this dark time to offer prayer for the lads in our House. Also for those suffering from addiction and those whom God is calling into the Community. The voice of the world is very loud and can often drown out the merciful call of God to the disaffected boy or girl to enter the Community. Our fervent and faithful prayer has to succeed in overcoming the noise of the world so as to enter into the consciousness of the struggling person.

It cannot be overstated how important it is to pray at this time. So I ask leaders of prayer groups to contact their members to encourage them to keep the prayer going and even ask others to pray. The rosary is a good prayer to offer for this intention.

Pray, Pray, Pray.

God bless & thank you,

Fr Chris Loughran

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Celebrating Easter together with the Cenacolo Community in Saluzzo

We would like to thank the Community in Saluzzo for the gift of the livestream of Easter Sunday Mass in English from the House of Formation of the Community.

At this time when we are not able to physically attend mass or to be together, it was very special to be able to share the Easter mass together in this way.

Wishing you every blessing for this Easter week and the rest of the Easter season from the Cenacolo Community.


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Coronavirus and the Community at Dodding Green

The lads continue their daily routine in the midst of all the Covid 19 restrictions.

They maintain their daily round of work, prayer and sharing. They pray especially for those troubled by the virus.

They thank you for your prayers and for those who have been able to supply them with providence. They still rely on providence.

Because of social distancing, if you wish to take providence for the lads, please simply take it to the inner gate (the one beyond the lane) and leave it there, where it will be found and collected.  Thank you.


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