mattiaHello everybody my name is Mattia, I come from Italy and I am 34 years old.

My testimony begins at 17 years old when I decided to leave school and to start work. In just a short time in order to feel grown up I started to smoke weed; it seemed to make me feel more open in my relationship with people. I struggled in the relationship with my parents: I didn’t speak a lot with my mother and I lived a lot of anger and carelessness towards my father because he was away a lot. The evil was growing slowly, slowly within me and soon I encountered cocaine. At the beginning it was just fun, a joke, but in a short time it became a proper addiction and I started using more and more. The situation got worse when my father died of cancer and my mother, due to strong depression, started to be addicted to alcohol. In that moment I felt alone, I decided to leave my work and I met some dodgy people with whom I started using crack. My life collapsed completely and I was focused only on my addiction, every day looking for drugs.

Fortunately in 2015, thanks to my aunt, I met the Cenacolo Community. I realised that my problem was not just the drugs but many wounds with my parents, many closed doors, that thanks to the Community but most of all to our God I began to heal and to open. The prayer and renewed faith helped me to heal my addiction and gave me peace in my heart, healing the relationship with my mother and enabling me to forgive my father. Today I can testify that I am really a new person with a lot of will to live, many desires in my heart and a new hope for my future.

Thank you Mother Elvira because, trusting in God, you saved our lives. Thank you Lord Jesus for your mercy and for your love for me. Thank you to the Community for welcoming me.