Festa della Vita 2020

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It is still necessary this year to register online for the Festival of Life 2020, you will receive via email a badge and material to help you follow the direct broadcast.

Communication:  “Festival of Life 2020”

Saluzzo (Italy), May 8, 2020

Dear everyone, parents and friends of the “extended family” of Comunità Cenacolo in the world,

Upon the many of your requests regarding the Festival of Life 2020, we wish to inform you first of all that we have decided to confirm the dates from Thursday the 16th to Sunday the 19th of July, 2020.

However, given the general uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 coronavirus and not knowing what the situation will be like in July; given the current bans on travel from one country to another and numerous gatherings; given that all major events have been suspended or postponed, for the moment we think it best that the physical presence at the Festival this year will be only for the men, women and members who live internally in our communities, whose participation will be to the extent possible indicated by regulations.

If in this time leading up to the Festival there should be any significant changes and/or news of possible openings, we will notify you as soon as possible.

We know that for many of you it will be a great sacrifice not being able to “physically” come to the Festival, which is always a long-awaited and greatly desired moment… it will be a great sacrifice for us as well, not being able to see and meet with you all… but we won’t allow this to stop us: The Festival of Life will come to you!

We are already working to allow for all of you to “participate” from your homes in our four days of prayer, praise, testimony, catechism, song and dance… so that each one of you can feel loved by God and by us. We will try our best to “offer you” the possibility of making you present here on the hill of Saluzzo with us, in communion of hearts and faith.

Very soon you will find the program of the Festival of Life 2020 online with its chosen theme.

We are certain of your understanding and grateful for your closeness during this time, we ask the Holy Virgin, Mary, Mother of Cenacolo, to bring you all our best and to continue to protect each of you under Her mantle.

Comunità Cenacolo

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Theme of the Festival:

Death, tears, pain… compassion, drawing near, Resurrection!

The theme of the Festival of Life 2020 is the phrase spoken by Jesus “… I tell you, arise!” (Lk 7:14), taken from the Gospel of Luke.

Jesus sees the excruciating pain of a mother, feels compassion for that woman, approaches her dead son, touches the coffin and restores the boy’s life, returning him to his mother alive.

It is the miracle that has happened in the lives of many of us who were welcomed to the Cenacolo: the pain of parents and friends in seeing the “death” that we had in our hearts moved the heart of Christ with compassion and He drew near to us; He held out his hand to us and offered us this path of Resurrection.

But the struggle between death and Life is a daily battle: each of us has a piece of death in our heart that must be revived today.

He will look us in the eyes, hold out his hand, lift us up and He will resurrect us to a new life!

Resurrected children who restore joy to their parents’ hearts!

Resurrected parents who restore joy to their childrens’ hearts!

A resurrected people who praise and glorify the God of Life together!

We are waiting for you, we are waiting for each one of you so that we can experience the joy of being a part of this family… of the resurrected!

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