Commitments within the Community

All the various tasks within the household and the garden etc. are shared between us with each person taking responsibility for different ones for a certain period of time.  Some commitments take longer than others to learn and so need to be taken on for a longer time.  A couple of the longer term ones are the kitchen and the liturgy both of which are normally for 6 months.

The person who has been doing the commitment will teach and help the new person who is taking it over. Giancarlo has had the kitchen commitment and is now is handing it over to Damian and so is teaching him about making the meals and will himself take over the Pantry commitment. This entails managing the stores, planning the menus (depending on what providence is available) and ensuring the kitchen is well managed.

Ed is taking over the Liturgy commitment from Paolo. This includes planning the programme, in conjunction with the Responsible, determining the beginning and end times of work, taking into account any extra activities taking place, setting up the chapel  for mass, organising the schedule for adoration, teaching the prayers (especially to new Lads) and setting an example with respect to things like respecting the rules.

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