Family Visitors

Finally, after the easing of many restrictions, we got the opportunity to hold a family meeting, at least for the UK lads.

Edward and Damian met their families:

Edward said: “It was a big surprise for me. I was in the chapel preparing for the reading I was going to read at Holy Mass and I was more nervous than usual as Damian’s Family was coming. Then Damian surprised me as my mum and my two sisters and my nephew arrived. It was wonderful to see everyone and to give my mum a big hug. It was good to show them around the place and to show my nephew Connor the animals. We had Holy Mass and then we walked the rosary together. It was a good experience for me to pray the rosary with my mum and sisters and turned out to be a beautiful day and  great gift from the community”.

Damian said: “The first thing I would like is to thank the community for this gift of seeing my parents and my son especially with the difficult situation outside, I appreciate this thank you. It was a beautiful moment to see my son Evan and how much he is changed since the last time that I have seen him in May Last Open Day. He was very emotional but at the same time he gave me a great joy and happiness to spend time together. Also I was happy to see my parents looking healthy and in peace. We managed to catch up on a lot of family things and also to hear that everyone back home is supporting and encouraging me which I was not expecting. It gave me a huge lift and a boost to keep me going in my walk. We celebrated the Holy Mass together with Edward’s family and friends of the house. This made the day even more special as it felt like a big happy family. Thank you.”

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