Festival of Life 2020: the Logo

The logo of the Festival of Life 2020 is circular and features the Words of Jesus: “I say to you, get up!” (Luke 7:14) which is the theme of this year’s Festival.

logo mod x sito tema 2048x1794

In Christian art, the circle symbolises eternal life, the goal of our Christian journey, the infinite horizon that widens and illuminates our gaze.

The letter T of the word VITA (LIFE) highlights the cross. The Cross is a reality that belongs in everyone’s life, and it is through the Cross and through suffering that many of us, like Nain’s widow, have encountered in Jesus, Life and Resurrection!

The theme of the Resurrection is taken up again through the drawing of two stylised hands that meet: the hand of Jesus and that of the dead young man. I am the Light and the darkness, the Life and the death.

The young man’s arm is dark, dark, as if it came from the underworld, and his hand is “dead”, lifeless. The hand of Jesus is instead luminous, it descends from above and offers itself to us to tear us away from death and give us back Life.

The message of the logo is to portray this: in a time of uncertainty and death, we need security and Life … we need Jesus!

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