Cenacolo UK

P1050088Cenacolo is a place of hope !

Is an addiction controlling and ruining your life?

Tried a detox … and then relapsed ?

Been in a Rehab … then gone back to your addiction ?  No long term help ?

Made the effort … but let down afterwards, without support, no job, no education ?

That does not happen whilst you are in Cenacolo.

You will discover hope and joy.

You are welcomed and you will always have the support of those around you.

As well as the house for boys in Kendal, there is a house in Knock, Ireland, and many others in Europe.

Girls are also welcomed into the Cenacolo Community where a number of houses are situated throughout Europe.

P1050047Cenacolo is ‘for as long as it takes’ !

There are no doctors, psychiatrists, social workers in Cenacolo. You are among friends who have been where you are now and are there to help you begin again. You take turns to cook, clean, garden, tend animals, help with new building projects, in fact everything !

You are enabled to gain your self-esteem and self confidence. There is a possibility to learn another language.


Families are encouraged to support their sons or daughters during their journey through Cenacolo taking opportunities to attend meetings or visit Cenacolo on special open days at Christmas and the May Anniversary celebration.

dscf0247Those around you who have been in Cenacolo for some time live a faith based on Catholic beliefs. However, you do not have to have any religious faith at all to enter Cenacolo.

dscf0558Most addicts have no faith in anything but their drug, but your new friends in Cenacolo, who once lived the same life as you, will be your strength and support as you gradually change your life to a new one based on new values.


Recovery begins as the new addict learns that he can trust the experienced Cenacolo lads around him. They are your loyal friends and colleagues. Others will see the changes in you as you begin to smile more, look healthy and your eyes shine with the joy of your new life.


Sasha says: After my time in Cenacolo with over one year at Dodding Green, I returned to Austria and eventually met Jana who was also in Community. She is now my wife and we have a son, Nicola, who was born in December 2012.

John says: After rebuilding my life in Cenacolo which included some 18 months at Dodding Green, I moved to Ireland where I met and married Elaine and we now have a son, Nathan. I am now involved in running the Irish Cenacolo at Knock.