Cenacolo UK

Sadly, the house at Dodding Green has had to close and will not re-open as a Cenacolo Community. However, there is still good news and hope. Whilst the house will no longer be able to welcome new guys the charity, Cenacolo Community UK, continues. There are still the 6 meeting points supporting men, women and their families and friends. Details for the meeting points at Carfin, Kendal, Liverpool, North Wales, Birmingham and London are on the website (under Supporters).
In the main, men will now enter into the Cenacolo Community initially to the house in Knock, Ireland. The website for the Irish House is https://communitycenacolo.ie.
The situation to support women who want to enter Cenacolo remains unchanged. Women are supported to learn more about life in the Cenacolo Community and are prepared and supported to enter direct to Italy or Medjugorje.

Cenacolo is a place of hope!

It is not a “Detox” or a “Rehab”.

It is a place of hope, certainly for those seeking to escape from addiction (drug/alcohol/gambling etc) but also for those disaffected by life who want to experience a simpler life in a Christian environment.

In Cenacolo there are no psychiatrists or social workers; this is a “peer-led” community where men live together, respecting each other, themselves and the firm rules of the Community.

Here you are among friends who will generally have gone through similar experiences to you.

The main foundations of the Community are:  Friendship, Work and Prayer.  In this way self-esteem and self-confidence grow.

Many of those who enter Cenacolo have little or no faith except in drugs! But the new friends in the Community, who once lived the same life style as you, will be your strength and support as you gradually change your life to a new one based on new values.

We find that those in the Community flourish when they are supported by their families. For parents this means attending Parents’ Meetings, meetings at the various “listening points” and special Open Days at Christmas and the May Anniversary.

Girls are also welcomed into the Cenacolo Community with a number of Girls’ houses being situated throughout Europe, as well as further Boys’ houses in Europe including at Knock in Ireland.