Celebrating Easter together with the Cenacolo Community in Saluzzo

For all our families, friends and anyone who would like to join us:

Easter Sunday Mass will be celebrated in English from the House of Formation of the Community.  It will be at 2:00 pm this Sunday (Easter Sunday, 12th of April).

To join with us in our celebration go to the link:

and log in using these details…

Username – genitori

Password – sabato1430

At this time when we are not able to physically attend mass or to be together, we look forward to sharing this special mass with you in this way.

Wishing you every blessing for this Holy Week and for Easter from the Cenacolo Community.

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Coronavirus and the Community at Dodding Green

The lads continue their daily routine in the midst of all the Covid 19 restrictions.

They maintain their daily round of work, prayer and sharing. They pray especially for those troubled by the virus.

They thank you for your prayers and for those who have been able to supply them with providence. They still rely on providence.

Because of social distancing, if you wish to take providence for the lads, please simply take it to the inner gate (the one beyond the lane) and leave it there, where it will be found and collected.  Thank you.


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Parents’ Day at Boarbank

Boarbank feb 2020 2

On a very stormy day, in front of a beautiful view across Morcambe Bay, we gathered for a peaceful day together. We had a moment of welcoming followed by the introduction of the parents of the Guys in Community, or who have been in Community, and Bruno told everyone that he was going to leave and Paolo introduced himself as the new Responsible.

Fr Michael celebrated a beautiful Holy Mass during which he spoke about St Peter and the twelve apostles showing how they represent all the different kinds of people, each with their own poverties, that we can find in the world.  He explained that although St Peter’s denied Jesus he nevertheless repented and came back to him and this is the case with the Guys here in Cenacolo.

During lunch we had the opportunity to listen to Bryan Ingleby’s incredible story about the beginning of the UK Cenacolo, and then after praying the glorious mysteries of the rosary we watched a video of Mother Elvira speaking to the Guys back stage of the Recital. We were all impressed by her powerful words.

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Farewell Party for Bruno


On Saturday 7th March we said goodbye to Bruno. It was an emotional moment as he had been with us here in Kendal for four years, the last nearly two of those as Responsible.

We gathered together for a beautiful celebration of Holy Mass with Fr Michael, Fr Hugh and Fr Philip celebrating. At the end of the mass Bruno received a blessing from the priests to help him in the next steps of his walk.  After that a lovely plate of lasagne was enjoyed by the many friends of the House who had come to wish Bruno well in his ongoing walk.

Chris said a few words about Bruno’s time here, remembering about his arrival in the floods during Storm Desmond, and thanked him for his friendship and for his contribution to the House.  Bruno then greeted everyone with heartfelt words and thanked the Community and Mother Eliva for having given him back his life.

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Our Lady of Walsingham

We were honoured to be invited to Lancaster to carry the statue of Our Lady of Walsingham into the cathedral when it arrived there as part of the Dowry Exhibition tour of the county which started in 2018 and finishes around the Annunciation this year. This exhibition is to help prepare for the re-dedication of England as the dowry of Mary.

We went on Thursday and Saturday and listened to the homilies of  Mgr Armitage about the importance of entrusting our lives to Our Lady and asking for her intercession and her prayers especially in the world of today.

We want to thank the diocese of Lancaster and especially Bishop Paul for this opportunity to be so involved in this special occasion.


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Mother Elvira’s Birthday 2020

Again this year some of us had the opportunity to participate in Mother Elvira’s birthday organised in Envie from the 19th to 21st of January. The first day welcomed boys, girls and the original friends of our Community; Fr Stefano started the day by remembering the personality of Elvira and showed some old videos and some images of her today; he wanted to transmit her ongoing charisma in this period of sufferance.

The Community proposed three key words for this event: three “musts” which we have to put into practice when we return to our own fraternities:
– Fidati / Trust: following the example of Elvira who from the beginning always trusted and believed in the infinite goodness of God the Father who provided for the needs of the Community. “Fidati” needs to become really an act of trust in Cenacolo, to accept what the Community proposes to us, to follow a walk that, especially at the beginning, can be too difficult and so very different from the world outside.
– Liberati / Free yourself: Elvira has been a free woman, free from false values, free from the mask of the world of today. So we need to live without any mask, to live in the truth, free from sin and compromises, remembering every day that the truth sets us free.
– Scomodati / Choose the uncomfortable: Elvira “consumed” herself by the work, she sacrificed all her life, initially serving her family, then serving the Community, the youth, all of us. So choose the uncomfortable must become our rule of life, to put ourselves aside, to be ready to love our neighbour and to serve our brothers every day.

We lived a lot of moments of prayer, Eucharistic adoration, holy Mass and listened to some testimonies of the original friends of our Community. Everybody was in agreement in recognising the charisma, the faith, the fighting spirit of this great woman.

Monday and Tuesday were dedicated just for the boys. We watched some mimes to do with the three key words, videos from the missions, sang some songs, and also we gave our small help to our Irish brothers singing “Our Lady of Knock”.

We spent the rest of the week in the fraternity “Little Shepherds of Fatima” in Pagno and we participated in the meeting with the parents on Saturday. During it there was a very moving catechism from Fr Stefano about the importance also for the families to “enter” into the Community, to follow a walk of conversion, and to understand that often the problems of addition are born in the original upbringing.

Thank you for the gift to spend some time in the heart of our Community; thank you Mary for the life of Mother Elvira and for all those who have believed in her, in the divine providence and so made possible the project of Cenacolo. We want to put into your hands all the future projects of our Community.

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Nativity Open Days – UK & Ireland

On Thursday 28th we welcomed Fr Massimo and Brother Konrad who once again came to represent the Italian community at our Open Day. During Friday we worked on the final preparations and on Saturday morning we welcomed our parents, friends and other guests who joined us at Dodding Green for the feast of the house. We gathered in the barn to pray the Rosary, then we had Eucharistic Adoration and Holy Mass celebrated by Fr Massimo, Fr Chris and Fr Hugh. We finished with a bit of music and dancing before serving lunch with lasagne, cottage pie, pizza and some cakes.

We restarted our program in the afternoon with some testimonies from guys currently in community, one from a guy who was previously in Community but has now moved on in his life and Konrad, a consecrated brother of  our Community. Despite a lot of preparation and rehearsal we had a few problems with the soundtrack for our Nativity Play but we nevertheless lived a beautiful expression of friendship and prayer with a lot of friends who helped us in acting out our play.

Sunday was a day dedicated to the families of the guys in the house; we lived some moments of sharing and reconciliation, with some tears but also a lot of hugs and smiles. In the afternoon we watched some videos about the story of our Community, and one which is a musical about the life of Mother Elvira made by the guys and girls of the American Community. The day ended with a lovely meal of pizzas all together.

This year the Open Day led us into a big surprise because we received the gift to go and participate in the 20th anniversary of the opening of the fraternity in Ireland and so on Friday morning we all went  to Knock, together with a lot of friends of our community.  In the afternoon we welcomed Bishop Michael who celebrated holy mass remembering all the miracles that Cenacolo also in this country experienced. In the evening we had the Nativity Play, also here with a lot of joy and serenity.

On Saturday we gathered in the oratory of the Basilica of Knock where we celebrated holy mass and in the afternoon we listened to some testimonies of guys who were in, or involved with setting up, the community here and from Sister Susan. In the evening we lived a great moment of Eucharistic adoration in the Apparition Chapel in thanksgiving for all the miracles, graces, and blessings received from God in these last 20 years.  We spent Sunday visiting the museum of the apparition and with holy mass in the basilica.


We want to really say thank you to the community for this great gift which, also on this occasion, allowed us to feel the love of the community for each one of us and a renewed sense of family between the two houses. Thanks also to all the friends and benefactors who we met in these days. Thank you Mary for your presence in this blessed location, thank you for your apparitions, for your love, for your prayers and your intercessions. We want to ask your help for all those who are less fortunate than us, for all those who are still suffering from addiction and all those who are preparing to enter our community, especially in the UK and in Ireland.


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