Tony’s Testimony

Tony attended the Knock Open Day in Ireland held on Saturday 21st January 2017 where he gave the following testimony. He was one of a number of former Cenacolo members who regularly visit the Cenacolo House in Knock, Ireland to give their support to the lads of the house. This support is greatly appreciated by the lads as it gives huge encouragement and sets an example of achievement that they all aspire to obtain. Tony and all the other past members are to be congratulated for their effort in supporting Cenacolo, even after many years of exiting the community.

dscn0530My name is Tony. I am 50 years old . This is my daughter Harriet, aged 8.  When Harriet was born, I was addicted to heroin.  I tried rehab and AA meetings but it didn’t work.
I entered Community in 2010.  I lived at the house in Kendal for eighteen months.  I also spent one year in the house in Ireland. The community gave me the discipline of prayer.  It gave me the confidence to open myself up to those around me. It made me stronger and able to stand up for myself.
Today, thanks to Jesus and his Holy Mother, thanks to Mother Elvira and Community Cenacolo, I am living life to the full.  I am clean and sober and have little Harriet back in my life.  I want to say thank you to Our Lady of Martyrs and a big Hello to my friends in the Prayer Groups in the UK.

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