Mother Elvira’s 80th Birthday Mass

p1040146An 80th Birthday celebration is a high point in anyone’s life and would generally be celebrated with family and friends. And so it was for the celebration of M Elvira’s 80th birthday but with a difference, her birthday was celebrated in many venues across the world by those who hold M Elvira in great affection, respect and love for all that she has done as God’s instrument in helping many thousands of young (and not-so-young) people walk from the darkness to the light.

Just one of those celebrations was held at the UK Cenacolo House at Dodding Green in Cumbria. The Fraternity of Our Lady Queen of Martyr’s held a celebratory Mass in thanksgiving for M Elvira as requested only a few days earlier by the leaders of the Community in Italy. It was a small celebration by some standards, but non-the-less heartfelt. Some of the lads of the Community had gone to Italy for the celebration there, some of the Friends of the Community had gone to the House in Ireland to celebrate there.

At Dodding Green the Mass of St Agnes was offered and the scripture for the saint could have been chosen for M Elvira; we heard how God choses what the world would dismiss and overlook to fulfil his plans. After Holy Mass a ‘bun fight’ was held with good conversation and memories of M Elvira shared.

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