Spreading the word

We’d like lots more people to know about Cenacolo – it’s astonishing that so few have heard of it, let alone understand what the community does. Last week, as a recent trustee, I took a friend to visit who will take more photos of the brothers – photos that will, we hope, show how profound a change life in the fraternity offers to those who choose it.

She looked in vain for the rare crayfish in the stream, although Andrea assured Female catkin flowersus that he has seen them; but she found female catkin flowers which are, it seems, just as rare. For the first time I got inside the polytunnels and saw the newly sprouting plants; and saw through the eyes of somebody with a strong sense of history how the site of Dodding Green is both a shelter and refuge, and a place of turbulence.

plants in polytunnelWe looked at the opening to the priest’s hole and thought about what life must have been like for Catholics in hiding in the 17th century. (It has made me think about the Christians in the Middle East who are now so persecuted.)

Daily Commitments


And I came away with a photo of the Daily Commitments for Lent, posted on the door to the Chapel.


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