Visit to Corpus Christi High School at Easter

2067If the Resurrection of our Lord is to mean anything on a personal level, it has to be rooted in an experiential way. The lads in the Cenacolo Community, many of whom have lived in the darkness of drug addiction, realise just what ‘resurrection’ means.

It was a great joy to entertain them to lunch on Easter Day. By the kindness of Corpus Christi High School they were able to enjoy a prolonged ganme of football experiencing the excellent facilities on offer at the School. Lunch followed with great good humour and, as a treat, a DVD of ‘Wallace & Gromit,’ and although there was a mix of nationalities, the visual humour transcended the language divide.

2078For the men in Cenacolo prayer is never far away; they realise that their ‘resurrection’ is the work of God and they caome before him regularly to pray in thanksgiving and to seek a renewal of the gift of their new (drug-free) life. And so it was, before they made their way back to the Community House, they spent time in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and prayed the rosary.2085

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