Festival of Life – extra day for English speakers!

On the Monday following the main weekend of the festival those of us who fitted the category of “English speakers” – which included people from England, Ireland, America, Malta, Singapore, Australia…. – were fortunate to have the opportunity of an extra day, hosted by the house at Cherasco.  As befitted an “English” day the weather, having been hot and sunny all weekend, broke and it poured with rain all day! Our hosts coped brilliantly with not only finding they had many more guests than expected, but also having to accommodate us all indoors. We enjoyed fantastic home made pizzas for lunch, and celebrated the 1st anniversary of Don Marco’s ordination as a priest.

We are very grateful to have the gift of this extra time to spend in prayer together and in catching up with family and friends, including several who were previously in our Kendal house and have moved on the other houses and we extend huge thanks, and congratulations, to “Cenacolo Cherasco” for the lovely day we spent there.

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