Festival of Life 2019

Once again this year some of us received the gift to participate in the Festival of Life in Saluzzo from 11th-14th July. The event started with a greeting from Fr. Stefano and Holy Mass celebrated by Fr. Pino Isoardi. He focused on the importance of testifying to the faith and to prayer, following the example of those who helped people less fortunate and those who lost their way.

During Friday we listened to the testimonies of some of the priests of our Community who testified to the great faith and strength of Mother Elvira and other testimonies of boys and girls in the Community.  During the evening we lived a moving time of Eucharistic Adoration with the personal intentions of some of the responsibles of the houses, of the priests, and members of the families living in the Community.

On Saturday we listened to some testimonies of people from outside the Community about the importance of cultivating our faith and staying close to the prayer for those leaving the Community also. The bishop of Saluzzo confirmed some boys and girls of the Community. The day ended with the recital “Seguimi” (follow me), this year enriched with many choral scenes, a spectacle which became a testimony of faith, hope and prayer as in the motto of this year’s festival – We are Witnesses (Acts 3:15).

Sunday, the tent was packed for Holy Mass in the morning, and then in the afternoon there was the final greeting from Fr. Stefano, with also a lot of songs, dancing…..

Thank you Lord Jesus for the life of Mother Elvira; thank you for this gift. Thank you for your daily guidance on the good path to become witnesses of new life, faith and hope.

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