“Pilgrimage” up the mountains – 8th December 2017

Wake up call with Community songs which gave us a good start for this important Solemnity of all the Catholic world: the Immaculate Conception. Just after breakfast we received the news of the gift to go for a walk to Chapel Style on the mountain side around the Lake District of Windermere. It was very cold but after a quick snack we left and  soon on our way we found the snow which we haven’t seen for a long time.  When we reached the first lake on top of the mountain at half way on our journey we began an unusual but interesting revision of life: every couple of weeks we gather together and each takes a turn to share his experience since last time. The others then suggest ways we could do better in the coming weeks and at the end of it the rest of the group formulates a new commitment for the person who did the sharing to go forward into the next period with. This revision of life helps us to see the truth about ourselves through the eyes of the others, gives us the opportunity to become better people and refresh the air in the Community.

We restarted our journey up the mountain but the footpath was completely full of snow and the threatening sky forced us to return back. We blessed our lunch under a massive rock and after a lovely warm coffee we went down hill back on our way, praying the luminous mysteries of the Rosary according to Our Lady’s intentions on which we entrusted all our prayers of the day.

When we got back to the starting point of our walk we carried on our revision of life, begun earlier on, and on the way back in the van we prayed the last Rosary in thanksgiving for all that we lived throughout our day. Although it was cold and we had some struggles it was good to live differently the revision of life that enables us to grow together in truth, in friendship and in prayer.

Thank you Mary for your example, your protection and your maternal love for each of us.

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