An Invitation to the NATIVITY OPEN DAY: Sat 2nd Dec 10am to 5pm


This is an opportunity for family, Friends of the Community and supporters to meet with the members of the Community, to hear their testimonies, to pray with them and celebrate Holy Mass.

For weeks now, the members of the Community have been practising ready to stage the Nativity Drama. They have built the set in the grounds of the House, their costumes are ready, the outside lighting had been erected, and the various parts have been allocated. They will stage this drama at the end of the Open day.

The staging of the drama is just one part of the healing that goes on in the Community. The drama often takes the men out of their comfort zone and teaches them that they are often capable of things they thought beyond themselves. More than that, it actually makes more tangible the Christmas story, for those who take part.



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