Sad Departure of Maureen Ingleby

Maureen Ingleby
In the history of the Cenacolo Community in the United Kingdom, Maureen Ingleby played an almost invisible yet vital role. Maureen was invisible in the sense that she did not hog the limelight, indeed, she never willingly stepped into the limelight at all. Maureen was present at almost all of the significant moments of the devel-opment of Cenacolo in Britain but nearly always in the background. This was not because she had little to offer. Indeed, the opposite was the case. She was an accomplished woman, a capable woman, an intelligent woman. Oh, she had much to offer. But her ministry to Cenacolo was not running meetings or working with planning departments, land agents, diocesan authorities and all the rest of it. No, she left those things to others. Her vital role was her ministry of prayer; Maureen Ingleby was a powerhouse of prayer. Her constancy in prayer underpinned every effort of Bryan, her husband to establish and maintain the work of mercy we know as Cenacolo.
Maureen accompanied so often Bryan to the House at Dodding Green and, as he went about the business of meeting with architects, builders and a plethora of others, Maureen would sit either in the car or the chapel praying the rosary. So many achievements were brokered by Maureen’s persistent prayer. This was the great spiritual providence that the Lads so often pray for and received in abundance from Maureen. And so it was right and proper that a group of the Lads paid a visit to her sick bed and knelt down and offered a rosary with Maureen just a week before she died. And also why the entire House was present at her Requiem Mass. Her death must not lead us to conclude that her prayer for Cenacolo is ended. No, she has now passed through the gateway of death into life eternal where her prayers will still be offered.
Well done good and faithful servant, come and enjoy your Master’s happiness. (Mt 25:21)

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