Healing of the Heart

107023_sun_burstIt is a great privilege to be here in this wonderful, welcoming community that is so full of love, warmth, acceptance, compassion and understanding.  This community has welcomed  the Cenacolo Community with open arms.  Within Cenacolo opportunities are given for healing, growth, recovery and the chance for individuals to shine.  Miracles happen every day, I am so proud of the good work and of my son as he faces new challenges and shines brightly; he is a shining star.

I worked professionally as a drugs and alcohol counsellor for several years and therefore I am able to see first hand what the Cenacolo Community has to offer that the mainstream approach does not.  In Cenacolo healing takes place from within, it is a wholeness of healing, the heart and the soul.  Individuals begin their road to recovery in an atmosphere of love, forgiveness and joy in living and in the Lord God.  It is an openness of heart and a new way of living.  Although the mainstream services are changing they cannot deliver what Cenacolo achieves.
As my son was lost in addiction, I too was lost in grief and desperation as I watched his struggle.  I had lost my faith, however, my son’s father kept his faith and prayed with devotion.  His prayers were answered and we opened our hearts to God and Our Lady.  I opened my heart to prayer and my life changed as I felt God’s love and healing hand.  Miracles happen once we open our hearts to God.  I have seen this within my family; it is a miracle.  Open your heart to God, Jesus and Our Lady, simply ask and you shall receive.
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