First experience of the Festa della Vita 2015

Sr Elvira 2We would like to tell you of our very first experience of the Festival of Life in Saluzzo, Italy.

It was truly an amazing time for both of us, not just spiritually but also it has inspired us to strengthen our faith and the belief in the power of prayer.  We were amazed by the coming together of families from all over the world with the same thing in common, to save our children’s lives with the Cenacolo way of life, to finally conquer their addictions.

We were simply ‘blown away’ with the emotions of parents being reunited with their children, the prayer sessions and masses, the testimonies that were emotional. It was a privilege for us to hear how their lives had been turned around by Cenacolo and inspiring to think that that will be our daughter one day in the future too, we already have a lot to thank Cenacolo for and our daughter is just under one year into her walk!

The Festival reassured us to know that our daughter is in the safest place for her recovery and she is surrounded by other people who can help her and she help them too, not just in the house which is run so well by the Responsible but the local people who bring providence. We met a married couple who had travelled 5 hours to be at the ‘Fest’ they go to our daughter’s house regularly with providence and they have become her ‘adopted parents’ if you like. Friendly faces who make her smile, kind and loving people.  We also met the lady who donated the house to Cenacolo, we are so thankful that these people are so generous and can see the good in the Cenacolo principle and want to get involved and help when we live so far away!

We can’t thank enough the Priests who give their time so freely, listening and offering encouragement, which has helped her tremendously over the last 3/4 months in settling in more at a time when she was struggling.  She now knows that she needs to stay in Community longer and has accepted this.

The ‘Fest’ was really well organised and we couldn’t believe that everyone who took part were so professional in the part they had to play – the music, singing, dancing and acting was brilliant. Lighting, stage sets and the translators so talented – all by the people in the Cenacolo Community!  Amazing set up!! But that’s Cenacolo, giving people confidence and the belief in themselves to do things they thought they could never do!

In summary, we have never been surrounded by so much love and inspiration before as we were at the ‘Fest’, it was truly uplifting and the time there will stay strong in our hearts. We reflect on it daily which also keeps us close to our daughter, much closer than we felt before we went! We look forward to going again next year!

Marina and Dave

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