Welcome to our “Virtual Open Day”

“Now we see only reflections in a mirror …”  (1 Corinthians 13:12)


Dear Friends

We lived the time of Lent reflecting and with the right spirit waiting for the resurrection as Mother Elvira taught us.

We celebrated a good, if unconventional, Easter but with love and in friendship among us, also we had a special Holy Mass via live streaming from the House of Mother Elvira in Saluzzo celebrated by Father Marco, Father Stefano and the Sisters.

Despite the corona virus situation, we trust ourselves to the protection of Our Lady and everything is going fine.

We tried to get everything ready for the Open Day because we like to think of all of you – even if you are far from us in distance you are very close in our thoughts and prayers.

* We painted all the main house and also the animal barn, the sheds and the fences.
* We cut all the grass and prepared all the flower beds ready for the celebration.
* The good weather has been helping us with the garden and everything is sprouting.
* We started to build a prayer centre for our open-air Holy Mass for the future.
* The animals are good and we have new chicks and hopefully we are going to introduce piglets in our family.

We would have so enjoyed showing you around! However, we are doing the next best thing we can and have taken lots of photographs so you can see how it looks… 

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All the lads have prepared a video to say hello to you and all our loved ones.






Looking forward to seeing you soon and to spend time together in the near future. We wish you Happy Easter, God Bless and the peace of the Lord be with you.

Cenacolo Boys.


(if you would like a printable, though not identical, version of this post click below)
May 2020 Open Day – printable version

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