Reasons to celebrate

It was a particular pleasure for the Friends of the House yesterday that, as well as enjoying being present for Mass and sharing a meal with the Lads afterwards, we were also able to join in celebrating where they were up to in their respective “walks” with 3 of the Lads.

An early, but nonetheless significant, milestone has been reached by Damian and Liam who have both completed their first month in Community whilst Bruno, the Responsible of the house, has completed 3 years in Community.

The Lads all spoke warmly of how much the friendship and help they have received here has meant to them and Bruno told how, as well as being grateful for all that his time in Community has done for him, he felt it was an especial gift for him to have come to England – not what he probably felt when he arrived here in early December 2015 to be greeted by Storm Desmond!

As is traditional on these occasions, the Lads concerned all sang a song – with accompaniment by Sam and Mateusz on the guitar.

We congratulate them all and wish them all the very best with continuing their walks.

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