Cenacolo Retreat Day – Maryvale 2017

‘Charity is a living person, with a face, a voice and a heart’
 (Sparks of Light: From the heart of Mother Elvira p.61)

On Saturday, the 4th November 2017, 35 family members and supporters from around the UK gathered at Maryvale Institute to spend a day in prayer, reflection and dialogue, with the aim of encouraging and helping each other to continue to walk in solidarity with the Cenacolo Community.

The day began with a reading from the heart of Mother Elvira – Sparks of Light p.61 in which Mother Elvira says: ‘Charity is a living person, with a face, a voice and a heart’.

Shared Dialogue and Prayer

In our shared dialogue, space was given to each person to speak from the heart and to share a little of the way in which the Cenacolo Community had influenced their lives. We encouraged each other to stay close together and support the Community for the good of the many men and woman, boys and girls who are in need of help. To be constant in our prayer and to be attentive to the joy that the Community brings through the healing of addiction for those who are struggling to find a place once more in society

Spiritual Reflection

Father John Udris (St Mary’s College, Oscott) helped us deepen our experience of facing truth and weakness through the lived example of St Therese of Lisieux. His knowledge and well presented talk on St Therese was inspirational giving us all many fine examples of her theological writings.

Mass and Confessions

We are also very grateful to Father Andrew McCann (Maryvale) for sharing the day with us, and for saying Mass and hearing Confessions.

To conclude the day we sang some typical ‘Cenacolo Songs’ and reflected on the joy of the event. As in previous years, the facilities and welcome made Maryvale a wonderful venue and a joy to be a part of, even for just a day!

We are most grateful to everyone that joined in with the retreat day this year.

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