Ordination to the Priesthood of Massimo Poldo

On Feast of St Teresa of Avila, Saturday 15th October 2016, Massimo Poldo will be ordained as priest in Saluzzo.

Many friends and supporters of Cenacolo will know Massimo either from visits to The Festival of Life or from attending the Open Days at Dodding Green – Massimo has visited and helped to lead a couple of the more recent celebrations.

Massimo has been in community for over 30 years – in his own testimony he speaks of his life being ‘a mess’ through drugs and he was tired and wanted something different. He had heard of Cenacolo and in his own mind had prepared what he needed to do to enter community.

He described how he met Mother Elivra, and before he could speak she simply smiled, looked at him and asked him to say nothing. Mother Elivra told him he was tired. Massimo shared in this moment he knew he was completely loved and accepted. Massimo did not enter Community Cenacolo with any great plan but through Mother Elivra and through the intercession of Mary, God’s plan for Massimo was allowed to come to fruition.

Community Cenacolo teaches those living in community and the friends and supporters many things – including God’s timing is always perfect and God is always Good. Massimo will be ordained on the 15th October – this is the day he began his walk in community. The 15th October is the feast of St Teresa of Avila. The gospel  for today’s mass is John 15 1-8 – Jesus speaking to his disciples about himself as the vine, the Father as the vinedresser. We are all invited to remain close to the vine and bear fruit.

It is not the charism of community to speak of the works an individual has done but Massimo has remained close to the true vine and the fruit that has been produced through his efforts and the work of the Holy Spirit are abundant.

It is right that we offer a pray of thanksgiving for Massimo, for his walk in community so far, for his work in many fraternities in Europe, in the US and on the missions. It is also right we intercede for Massimo and ask God and Mary to bless him on his ordination and for his ministry as priest.

On the 15th October friends associated with the Cenacolo Community in the UK will be meeting in Birmingham for our annual retreat – all are welcome. In addition to the plan for the day, that was put together before we had knowledge of Massimo’s ordination, one of the intentions will include ‘Don Massimo’. God’s timing is always perfect!

St Teresa Pray for Us

Our Lady Queen of Martyrs – Pray for Us

Mary Mother of Cenacolo – Pray for Us


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