Raffaele’s Testimony

Hi, my name is Raffaele and I’m Andrea’s father, my son is 19 and he has been “walking” in the Community for the past two years.  As a family we are also “walking,” my wife and I as parents and my daughter, Andrea’s sister.

Andrea has been in Kendal for the last seven months and he initially joined the Community in Loreto for a period of 18 months.

When Andrea was to be moved to Kendal we had the chance to spend some time together and it was at that time that he ask me to consider doing an experience in the Community with him.

Obviously my first reaction was very positive because I could see how beautiful it would be to spend some time with my son.  However, I couldn’t have imagined with what great joy, happiness and tenderness this experience would touch my heart, and in so deep a way.

Thanks to this experience I can say, not that I have re-found the son I had, but that I have discovered a whole new part of him; in fact we spent almost all the time together and the occasions for sharing and facing even delicate topics of our past family life, didn’t go amiss; all this always happened naturally and with simplicity.

I found a young man, mature and profound; one who had opened is whole heart to God and was managing to find his way in life and to help others to do the same.

I am very proud and content with him, of his own ‘walk’ and of the relationship we now have; a relationship that is full of joy and love and at the same time characterized by trust and mutual respect.

True joy came from the sharing and chatting with the guys at the House, in that I really understood the importance and the meaning of Community; I felt like I was a father, a brother and a friend with them. Thanks to all of them, to their ways of being always happy, to their sincerity and unconditional way to serve one another, I could once more learn the real meaning and value of Community.

What I realised is that truth and the sincerity, as well as the continuous and deep prayer and the hard work are the tools that are permitting them to walk searching for God.  At the foundation of all this I discovered there is a true desire to forgive, love and support one another.

The days spent at the House in Kendal were unforgettable and more than once I thought that the lifestyle of Community, the relationship among the brothers and organization of the House should be an example for all of us, in our families and our work environment.

I can say with true sincerity thanks to Cenacolo, thanks to the brothers and priests of the Community, but especially thanks to the “yes” of mother Elvira that made all this possible; because without her “yes” I would never have had the chance to experience those feelings and emotions that filled my heart and that will stay with my for the rest of my life.




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