Cenacolo at Carfin, Scotland – Ten years On

Ten years ago I heard of Cenacolo for the first time.
Soon after I started the Carfin  Cenacolo meeting . Seems like yesterday in some ways. Since then Scotland has various other groups meeting to pray for addicts and to sign post them to the Carfin meeting place.

In those ten years I have saw people and spoken to people from all walks of life.
Everyone having the same thing in common  addiction .

I have experienced  people especially the parents of the addict that have little or no faith and it has been wonderful to see them change as they see their child transform their life.

Everyone who comes through the doors are made welcome and encouraged by the others at the Cenacolo meeting. Success stories with happy endings and not so happy endings .

Cenacolo is not for everyone but I truly believe that the people who know about Cenacolo for what ever reason , are meant to know of it.
Some weeks the group has had as many as 25 people and other times as little as two people.
Addicts come and go as do their families.

Many people pray for us regardless of attending the group.  Individuals supporting us quietly and consistently.

Cenacolo has enhanced my life in many ways.  I thank God for Cenacolo and the people that have crossed my path and spoken to me in these last 10 years.
Just recently the group has met monthly as opposed to weekly due to low numbers and lack do interest from addicts.

We continue to pray and my phone is never switched off.
A sincere thank you to everyone those we know and those we don’t, for the support given over these past ten years.

God bless
Mary McNally

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