My Story – Sasha

IMG_0946Hello, my Name is Sasha and I am from Austria. I was in the Cenacolo Community for a couple of years and during my time I stay a bit more than a year at Dodding. When I exited the community in 2010 I went back to Austria. Straight after coming back I started to work in my families business in the office. In the beginning after the community I have had many struggles to get used to the life after community. The only thing which helped me through many difficulties was prayer (Rosary and the Sunday Mass).

IMG_0939After more or less than a year and a half I met my wife Jana here in Austria. She worked close to my town. Jana was as well in the community for many years and for this sake we made at the beginning a good friendship. After a while we felt that there was more as only friendship and we decided to share our lives together. In September 2011 we made a trip to Medjugorje and asked Mary for her blessing to get married soon. After a short period we had our wedding in may 2012. At this time we also expected already our son Nicola who was born on 6th of December 2012. Now after 3 years after community I can say that many things after community went very well for both of us. For sure there where many problems during our way but in the end we can enjoy the time together. Thanks for every help during my time at Dodding and for the all the providence which still enters every day.

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