Testimony – Letting people know there is hope

Our son Mark was a drug addict for 6 or 7 years. He tried unsuccessfully to overcome his habit a number of times. By chance, a reading of the Catholic Observer lead us to hear about Cenacolo for the first time. As a result, Mark’s uncle drove him to the first Anniversary Mass at Carfin in June 2007. For the next six months, members of the family accompanied Mark to weekly meetings on Monday evenings at Carfin.

Thereafter, Mark traveled to Kendal a few times, a journey which entailed a departure from Greenock at around 2.30pm and a return around 1am the next day.

As a result of these meetings, suddenly people saw a change in Mark. He now had a purpose in life, to free himself of drugs and to reduce his methadone intake to 15mls. He hoped to be clean by February 2008, so that he would be ready to enter the Cenacolo Community. Sadly, it was not to be.

The Saturday before Christmas, Mark suffered a seizure on a bus. He was taken to hospital and later discharged. On 28th December, Mark sustained a serious head injury as a result of a fall down an external stairway. He died within seconds. His autopsy showed no signs of having taken drugs before he died.

We as a family thank the Cenacolo Community with all our hearts for the hope given to Mark during those six months. We trusted in the Lord that Mark would succeed in his journey. That journey ended as he gave up his soul to the Lord.

We will always remember Cenacolo and hope that the communities world wide will grow from strength to strength. Above all, we pray that someday Cenacolo will have a house in Scotland.

Anne, Joe and family.

(by permission of Mary McNally)


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