Testimony – Our Rosemary

My name is Mary and I want to say what Cenacolo has meant to us. I first heard about Cenacolo a few years ago when two or three lads came to our parish and talked about the community and their way of life, I was very impressed with what I heard and thought what a wonderful organisation but I didn’t have a need for it and it went to the back of my mind.
A few years down the line and we did have a need in our family, we learned our daughter Rosemary was a chronic alcoholic and like most parents we tried all the services available in the area but none of them were of any help. Our daughter’s life was spiraling down and for a long time we couldn’t find a way of helping her to escape from the vicious circle she was in. Finally we sought help through Cenacolo.

We want to say how much we appreciate Mother Elvira for starting it originally, I am amazed how the Cenacolo organisation has spread. Since becoming involved we have so much to be thankful for. We know that if Rosemary had not taken the opportunity to come into community her life, and ours, would be very different from what they are today. Like nearly everyone who has a son or daughter suffering from addiction all the services offered at home could not help and we cannot thank Mother Elvira enough for the lives she has given back to our families. So many people have given their support, all the people at the prayer group that we go to in Liverpool and all the other parents we have met in Saluzzo and in Kendal. I couldn’t get over the fact that people we met only once came back a week later and had been praying for our daughter and we especially thankful to Jean and Margaret who paved the way for Rosemary to enter the community and to Nicky for all that she has done in the past year.

Our lives have changed in the past year, our attitude to people who take drugs or who are addicted to alcohol has changed. It has made us non judgmental towards others. The experience has humbled us and made us value what really matters in life, it has also strengthened my faith, I trust in God much more, instead of asking God to help I can leave everything in His hands.

We have just spent a week-end in Italy and we were able to spend quality time with our daughter, she was able to open up to us and admit to some of the things in the past. But we told her that the past has gone, it’s the future that matters, she has had some unsettled periods while she has been in community but she realises it is helping her recover and after a year we can see how much it has helped so far. We could see she has made progress and we are so pleased she is continuing in her recovery. We are very proud that she had the courage to enter and to get well.

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