A Story of Hope

The following is taken from an email sent to the treasurer.

I am a worker for a homeless charity in a Northern English city. I became aware of the work of Cenacolo via the Sisters in Newcastle, Joan, Paula and Father Sean. I took a client to the Kendal meeting and immediately he knew this was for him.

Can I tell you about the client ‘S’ who I took
there? He was in his mid-40s he had been a drinker and drug user since he was in his early teens after a family bereavement. S had tried to escape addiction through regular rehabs, detoxes and other strategies such as A.A. and N.A. All worked for a short time.

What I saw when he met Diego[then Leader of the Community] is that S could see a sustainable future and was prepared to surrender to the way of the life in the Community.
I fully believe that addicts can see what is there, that family, friends and professionals may not.

S tried for 9 months to reduce methadone to a low level and also his drinking; this had to be done slowly as he had problems with his liver and other organs compounded by years of drinking and drug use. Even the journey to Kendal for the visits had to be managed for his safety. Unfortunately, S died from a sudden heart attack about four weeks prior to gaining entry to Cenacolo,

S had died in hope, knowing that he was going to recover from addiction. S had seen that it was achievable for him.

From the first day he visited Kendal he worked to achieve sobriety, every time we met he was proud to tell me he was on target to get there, at his funeral I met his family who were estranged from each other, his partner and adult children were able to know that he had died knowing he was desperate to get free from addiction it provided peace for them.

S died knowing he was going to get free from addiction; he died in hope.

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